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Group Origins

Les membres du groupe sont assis sur de grosses roches.

F.O.S is a Canadian hard rock band from Quebec City. It was in 2015 that Mathieu Paquet met Jordan Poulin at the launch of The Impulse’s album Tame the Ocean. Mathieu, at that time, guitar teacher, came to attend the show of two of these students and he met Jordan, the bassist of the group in the first part (SawDust). A few weeks later, Jordan accepted Mathieu’s invitation to join his band, which at the time also consisted of a singer and a drummer.

For a few years, several members swapped the role of drummer. Jonathan Thibault even participated in a show at Dagobert Nightclub in 2016 without being an official member at the time. Despite the great willingness of the group to welcome him, he was overwhelmed by his university studies.

After a turbulent departure from the singer, Mathieu and Jordan worked hard to find the rare pearl who would be the voice of the group. It was the talented Veronick Mercier, Mathieu’s spouse, who accepted the challenge in 2020 just before the pandemic. In 2021, Jonathan Thibault became the official drummer to complete the line-up.